Service, support and maintenance


Service, support and maintenance are included in the service agreement. Our aim is to remove work and worries for the farmer. Apart from a few minor maintenance tasks, such as keeping the camera lens clean and changing the brush unit, Remora Robotics will take responsibility for the operation and ensure that there are no stops or delays in our service.

Customer service

If you have any questions or a technical fault arises, you are always welcome to contact our specialists, who are ready to help.

Telephone customer service: 94 05 15 65

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When installing Remora for the first time, we will provide a support team to make sure that the system is working properly. Only when we are confident that the system is safe and operational is the control is handed over to the operations center.

Service and maintenance

Our system is monitored to ensure continuous operation. Remora is serviced and maintained at regular intervals and, if necessary, as described in the user manual. The farmer will only assist with simple maintenance such as cleaning the camera while more extensive maintenance is carried out by our technicians

In addition to operational surveillance of the unit, our service agreement may also include replacement of wear parts, repairs and system upgrades that improve performance, or even the installation of additional components, such as sensors.


The farmer is given a basic introduction and training in how Remora works and operates at time of installation. The training will include procedures for removing and reinstalling Remora in the cage, cleaning the camera, general cleaning of the unit and replacing the brushes. Camera cleaning is typically required once per week, general cleaning once per month.

We prioritize your operations, and are always ready to answer questions or to scramble if it proves necessary.