Carefree net cleaning

Forget about the time-consuming, traditional, expensive and intermittent high pressure washing of the cages with all the negative consequences this has for fish health and the environment. With Remora, your concerns are brushed aside – future-oriented, energy efficient and sustainable.

We take care of nearly everything. Apart from some simple maintenance, your chores should be limited. Remora is an autonomous robot, that can be monitored by our specialists in the operations center, and if necessary we can intervene and remotely control the device.

Minor maintenance such as cleaning the camera and replacing brushes is carried out by the farmer. More comprehensive service, support and maintenance is part of our standard service delivery and is handled by Remora Robotics.

Remora app and web portal

The farmer can monitor the system's status and environmental conditions in the cage in the web portal and an app that comes with the system. Images, deviations and changes are categorized and catalogued for future reference.

In the event of deviations, mask breakage and risk of escape, the operations center is automatically notified.

The images are georeferenced, so it is easy to identify where in the net the anomaly is. Power consumption, temperatures, the wellbeing of Remora, etc. are continuously monitored.

Always clean net is sensible farming in practice

Remora is suitable for all types of cages, is easy to install and does not require any physical modification of the cage. Remora is designed to operate in harsh conditions along the Norwegian coast. The robot is reliable, with superior characteristics and low risk of production shutdowns and delays.

Remora is offered as a service delivery with monthly rent. Every fish farm needs clean nets, and Remora eliminates the need for traditional high pressure washing. Gentle, continuous grooming with brushes reduces wear on the net and increase service life, reducing maintenance costs by fewer net changes/replacements. With energy-efficient electrical cleaning, the environmental benefit is also significant.