Fish welfare taken seriously improves profit

In Remora Robotics, we don't just look at the one task that needs a solution. We have a holistic approach to objectives and instruments, effects and consequences. It is about ensuring the best possible farming conditions for the fish and the fish, protecting the environment and equipment, running cost and energy efficiently, and thinking long-term sustainability in all processes and operations.

Remora Robotics is at the forefront of development. We offer cutting-edge technology and efficient, sustainable solutions to some of the aquaculture industry's biggest challenges. Daily gentle care of the net provides better fish health, significant environmental benefits and healthy economy.

Always clean net is fish welfare in practice

Remora prevents the biofouling from occurring and protects against its adverse effects. A clean net provides better water flow and higher oxygen content, better conditions for the cleaner fish and a more efficient delousing.

Disease and fish mortality is significantly reduced. Gentle cleaning results in a lower risk of net breakage and fish escapes. This gives a larger harvest delivered to your market with superior fish quality.