Technical data

Simplified installation


The system consists of three physical components: the control unit, the brush unit and a pc installed on the feed barge

The control unit contains the power supply and communication with the brush unit. Control unit size: 40x40x30 cm. Weight: Less than 5 kg. Power source: Min. 220 V/10 A.

The brush unit consists of 2 friction brushes, 2 belt units, a thruster and one electronics can to control the device, collect data, and analyze the photos taken.

Size: 60x60x35 cm. Weight: about 23 kg in air, 0.5 kg in water.

Cleaning a standard cage takes 5-7 hours. With cable as a power source, the robot cleans continuously. With battery-powered robot (under development), cleaning time is divided in intervals to allow for charging and data transfer.

The system can also be equipped with LARS (Launch And Recovery System) which is an ergonomic frame for retrieving Remora from the cage.

The Remora power cable is installed in the cage with buoyancy elements, allowing the robot to operate without interfering with other installations and operations in the cage.

Remora is suitable for all types of cages. Installing the device is done quickly and easily, without requiring your cage to be modified.


We source the most suitable components from reputable manufacturers all over the world. The robot is assembled in our premises in Stavanger, where large-scale production facilities are established. The production is tested, and quality assured by in accordance with ISO standard and complies with Norwegian Nytek regulations.