Global perspectives


The State of World Fisheries and Aquacultures (FAO) writes in The State of World Fisheries and Aquacultures 2020 that the dominant trends in the food industry in general and the aquaculture industry in particular will in the future be population growth and food security, digitalisation, health-conscious consumers, and resource considerations and sustainability related to climate challenges.

Salmon has the highest yield per kilogram of all farmed species. This has paved the way for major investments in expertise, innovation and technology, and made salmon farming a world leader in terms of research and regulation, technology and digitalisation that meet consumers' high demands on fish health and food quality.

Few things healthier to eat than salmon. Full of Omega-3, proteins, minerals and vitamins, the salmon is sure to have an important place in the diet of tomorrow's increasingly health-conscious consumers.

Remora Robotics is at the forefront of trends identified by the UN. In order for fish farming to continue to be a world leader in this area, further investments are required, more investment in research and development, data capture and data analysis, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

With a focus on technological innovation, digitalisation, sustainability and the global potential of aquaculture, Remora Robotics has an important role to play.