Better protection of nature and values

Biofouling,is a collective term for algae, shellfish, anemones, hydroids etc. that grow on submarine structures. This is a huge challenge for farmers all over the world.

The consequence of such growth includes reduced water quality, deformation of the net, greater load on moorings, increased risk of disease and escape hazard, and higher fishing mortality. In addition, biofouling can result in concentrations of pathogens that can adversely affect fish health.

The researchers Nina Blöcher and Oliver Floerl have identified at least four areas where biological pollution is an obvious threat: capsizing of the cage, reduced fish welfare with an increased risk of disease and death, altered behavior of cleaner fish and less effective delousing, and as reservoirs for non-native species in the waters, which can have major impacts on the entire marine biological system.

It goes by itself that the farmer must intervene, usually reactively upon removal of biofouling afterwards. However, traditional high pressure washing is costly, has limited effect and also most likely contributes to deterioration in fish health.

Remora is a proactive intervention that significantly reduces, or also eliminates completely, all of these threats.