Fish welfare taken serioulsy!


Remora prevents fouling, improves fish welfare and simplifies operations in a gentle and sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way. Remora has been designed and developed with the fish farmers' own wishes and needs in mind, developed in collaboration with SINTEF, the Norwegian Research Council, NTNU and Innovation Norway, tested, approved and documented effectively by Norce, Norwegian Research Centre.

Remora cleans gentler – and more profitable.

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Mowi ASA is our first commercial customer, and their expectations are high; hoping that cooperation can help turn our operations around, from high pressure washing of our nets to a less energy-intensive solution that also does not wear so much on the nets. . Always clean net, all in one service Remora is provided as a service with monthly rental cost, worry-free for the farmer and with a reasonable pricing model. Remora comes as a complete system with robot, technology and remote control, service, support and maintenance. The system is connected to the internet via radio link and can be continuously monitored by our specialists in the operations centre, who can remotely control the unit if necessary. As a customer, you should do minimal. Lower your shoulders, sit back. Remora Robotics ensures full operation, clean net, inspection and monitoring, service and maintenance, ensuring there are no stops or delays in production. Remora is fully tested, approved and available for rent from 2022. Contact us for offers!